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the fangirl knows all too well the time and effort it takes to accomplish such a decorated twitter bio. dedicated vigilance, quick typing and lots of time. maybe we can help. we’ve put together some custom code and a tutorial for automatically sending “follow me” tweets!


with ❤ from us to u @AnnaRussett && @NBriz


step 1: make sure you’re logged into twitter on a desktop or laptop computer (sadly mobile devices don't give users enough control to pull off these sorts of tricks). also make sure that you’re using either Chrome or Firefox (this hasn’t been tested on any other browsers). this works on both mac and windows.

step 2: once you’re logged into your twitter on one of those browsers, open up something called the “Developer Console”. make sure you are on twitter.com and not anyone else’s twitter page.

If you’re on Chrome, go to the “View” menu and then “Developer” and then “JavaScript Console”. a window should appear that looks something like this:

if you’re on Firefox go to the “Tools” menu then “Web Developer” then “Web Console”. a window should appear that looks something like this:

step 3: then click on the code below to select it all, then copy it (CMD+C on Mac, CTRL+C on Windows/Linux), and then paste into your browser Console, and hit enter.

you should see something like this

step 4: once you complete step 3, you’re ready to use the code. first, set how many times you want to tweet at someone by typing (or copy+paste) plzfollow.setAmount(5) you can change the number 5 to however many tweets you want to send. we usually put around 50.

step 5: next, type or copy+paste plzfollow.me("@username") into the Console. Change ‘username’ to the twitter handle of the person you’re trying to get a follow from. Also make sure the handle is between quotes like the example. hit enter to send your tweets out. you should see the tweet boxes automatically generating and sending.

step 6: we’ve supplied a few tweet messages that say “follow me” but you can add any custom messages by typing or copy+pasting plzfollow.customMessage("your custom message") before entering the final plzfollow.me("@username") code.

QUIT: if you want to stop the tweets ( or if something is not working right ), refresh the page and everything goes back to normal. everytime you refresh the page you’ll have to repaste our code into the Console ( step 3 ) before being able to use it again.

leave any questions/thoughts in the comments of the youtube video :)